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What is SAP Litmos?

SAP Litmos creates eLearning answers for top-performing organizations. A laid out forerunner in the market beginning around 2007, SAP Litmos offers the world’s least demanding to-utilize LMS – SAP Litmos Training – and a far reaching course library – SAP Litmos Training Content. Great many organizations trust the answers for concentrate and convey extraordinary preparation to workers, clients, and accomplices. Obtained by Callidus Cloud in 2011, then by SAP in 2018, SAP Litmos keeps on enhancing grant winning learning innovation and set the norm for client experience and fulfilment. The arrangements are involved by in excess of 30 million individuals in 150 nations, across 35 dialects. Track down more data at

What do you like best about SAP Litmos?

I like SAP Litmos for the accompanying.

It tends to be tweaked for cell phones, menus and data in the preparation area.

It permits you to plan dynamic board courses, import outsider material, and boost your group with lists of competitors, identifications, focuses, and other game highlights.

It handles facilitating, updates, security, and client care.

SAP Litmos chips away at MAC, Windows, Android, and any remaining versatile stages.

It permits you to hold video meetings and online classes, which are perfect for staying aware of the most recent data.

The execution was fast and straightforward. A lot more straightforward to carry out than open source LMS’. At the point when the DOJO was at first sent off, it was a great spot to get preparing while initially beginning.

You can make custom learning ways with any courses you need. In general, the record proprietor experience is very easy to use.

The best things about SAP Litmos are video, sound, and text-based preparing followed by tests. You additionally get the honour of downloading the test record. In the wake of finishing the preparation you can likewise download a testament in addition to you can likewise add various identifications and endorsements procured from different stages to your Litmos Profile. Whenever you are finished with the preparation on Litmos you likewise go through some overview questions concerning the preparation.

The potential gains of utilizing Litmos are that we have a vigorous LMS. We additionally like the DOJO and support

A portion of the detailing capacities. I really do like how you can connection and mirror courses.

Highlights, for example, the Content Author instrument – incredible free component (which for the most part costs for a permit) which allows individuals to make fundamental E-Learning courses with the capacity to trade the SCORM document. This is simplified for fledglings, to make extraordinary learning bundles. Likewise incredible help group (particularly the help supervisor inside Serbia) as they exceed everyone’s expectations to work with us to track down an answer. It is vital to have an extraordinary relationship and to have the option to effectively team up.

The Litmos Dojo is a marvellous method for figuring out how to utilize the framework. There are likewise many choices for course types and inspiring clients. It was additionally exceptionally simple to relocate over to Litmos from another learning the board stage which did the switch extremely quick.

The Training Videos choices could be altered according to the prerequisite. It helped clients or clients to make different sort of preparing stuff measures with n number of mixes with approvals.

It has a perfect and natural UX/UI, I use it as often as possible to enlist new representatives and it makes the onboarding system stream without a hitch. It offers different reconciliations. Getting to courses or material is truly simple, it offers an extremely responsive master support. It’s reasonable and arrangement is a no brainer.

The substance and ease of use of the framework.

The substance is great and covers bunches of various valuable points. Indeed, even around brief courses

Capacity to stack your own assets

Capacity to make our own eLearning

The LMS is for the most part splendid and the substance is great as well.

SAP Litmos has made my work more open in all viewpoints. As a learning facilitator with my association, working with SAP Litmos is generally ideal for me. I can undoubtedly make courses with slides, recordings, tests and tests then share them with the staff individuals who need them. We use Litmos to assess staff and grade their presentation. In particular is that SAP Litmos fills in as a device for sharing updates and item data so everyone understands what to do and how things work. It is all around intended to suit our necessities and our staff individuals think that it is extremely valuable and are constantly eager to get new preparation materials and courses.

SAP Litmos is a fabulous learning the executives instrument. It assists us with preparing staff with video preparing devices. Our deals specialists use SAP Litmos broadly to find out about our organization’s items, client assistance rehearses, and other significant data. It is utilized to evaluate staff in light of their learning and grades and consummation rate.

The cost was the selling point. In the event that you have a huge group comprised of people seaward, this could be a decent arrangement. The tech appears to be legit for that crowd (to a degree) — simply realize that there will be bugs, issues, and their help is, sadly, the most obviously awful I’ve encountered.

I used to like the simplicity of organization of the stage. That is no more.

I like the way that you can set up a preparation way for every worker and the courses are not difficult to follow.

The innovation is astute and easy to use. The team is obliging with regards to noting questions, and their help has been critical in getting our organization set up with Litmos.

Litmos is an extremely clear and simple to-explore framework. With the additional SAP Litmos Content library it permits us to make our own learning content and tap into existing material.

The capacity to allocate courses and learning ways or potentially discretionary courses and learning ways to groups. Then allocating students to at least one groups takes into consideration simple preparation.

I like the connection point, accessible customization choices, simplicity obviously manifestations and associations, and adaptable choices for associations, Quiz questions and Hotspot question types,

I like the courses the best, they are straightforward, the designs and portrayal are brilliant. The framework organization site and the student site are very easy to understand.

Litmos has an incredible substance improvement instrument that permits you to make inserted scorn documents. Organization of modules into courses into learning ways is additionally simple and natural.

Exceptionally adaptable, in the event that you know HTML/CSS, this LMS is a decent choice. It’s one reason why we went with them.

The cost was alluring too. We went with the computerized program purchased through the SAP store, and it was truly reasonable considering we were just firing up preparing in our association.

We can give moment admittance to preparing that suits our laborers needs and can be arch whenever the timing is ideal

SAP Litmos is one of the most amazing LMS(Learning Management System) stage for a wide range of preparing force from novices to proficient work force.

It has endlessness and variety in its substance.

What do you dislike about SAP Litmos?

SAP Litmos costs and charges are per client, making it unnecessarily costly and out of date when contrasted with contending apparatuses.

The plan or upgrade of a couple of capabilities. For instance, the ILT meetings are worked inside a course which makes making continuous meetings for a solitary subject bulky and restricted. The set of experiences following was eliminated from a client profile and it currently longer reports movements of every kind which makes investigating substantially more troublesome. It’s gotten to from the Dashboard (alongside other misc reports) rather than the Reports menu where one would expect all reports ought to be. While rolling out mass improvements to client profiles, you need to alter each page in turn as you alter a page, and need to progress to the following page you need to restart from page 1 and continue to page! I have over 100+ pages x 1800 individuals to page through each time I really want to make changes…. so excruciating!

Email format placeholders (for example Group ID, Learning Path ID, and so on so a custom connection can be made and send the client straightforwardly to that area) and group usefulness for end-clients could utilize improvement

In learning mode – individuals in a group ought to have the option to see the group landing page, the individuals from the group, and the courses/learning ways relegated to each group.

It is a decent stage so I have no bad things to say about it.

The main thing I detest is that sporadically settings don’t appear to work the manner in which we accept they do in light of help articles or the DOJO preparing we did. Reports are additionally at times not exact and I don’t know why. It’s little stuff like that, however when you’re the information and tech group of a philanthropic exact reports are significant.

Support. It is detached and not incredible. We have numerous errors, and some usefulness doesn’t work like we trusted or figured it would. I actually couldn’t get to the new assistance tagging framework, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t track down somebody to assist me with investigating. We had an incorporation call agreed with Litmos, and they never appeared, which was a misuse of my group’s time and our IT individual.

Litmos legends courses – The courses could be deciphered in all dialects (in addition to the record). This will assist clients who with doing not communicate in English as their most memorable language.

Not having the option to clone modules/courses and learning ways

Difficult to oversee language courses

The reports aren’t exceptionally easy to understand and require a long time to get the hang of. You need to look through changed areas to find what you want and it can take more time than ideal to peice together.

The System is getting neglected to catch the quick forward assuming somebody utilizes any expansions on program to quick forward the video, need to track down the answer for that.

I can get to courses or material without any problem.

The new emotionally supportive network is dreadful. Challenging to utilize, difficult to explore, reactions are challenging to comprehend and, surprisingly, the assistance site is currently difficult to manage what you need.

Of the LMS I really hate the detailing, it appears to default to pulling information for a decent period and it isn’t clear where to change that, yet a minor niggle contrasted and the issues with the emotionally supportive network

Large numbers of my partners track down it troublesome signing into their records to finish their courses. I frequently battle with staying aware of solicitations for secret key reset day to day. Other than that it is truly incredible.

SAP Litmos has extreme signing in issues, which frequently represents an issue for us. We frequently need our preparation organizers to concede us new access since we have been logged out consequently by the application.

Key admonition:

SAP Litmos erased 500+ of our custom video, SCORM, and different resources as a feature of a “server clean up” practice in October 2021. It was absolutely impossible to recuperate the records and our group needed to reproduce them, costing us well into the huge number of dollars in worker hours and lost efficiency. The treatment of this issue was likewise inadmissible, they didn’t illuminate us regarding the genuine reason until weeks after it happened, and persuaded us to think we’d have the option to get to the substance once more, which implied that we didn’t start reproducing content until weeks after the episode.

We were informed there would be a follow through with to demand a discount because of this avoidable, incomprehensible, and inadmissible issue (the reason for a LMS is to house content). We have still not got a discount/contract credit. Furthermore, we had an exceptional receipt of $16k to pay Litmos, however they have been not able to give defense to it (we don’t have the foggiest idea who started the solicitation for the extra licenses charged on this receipt, and they can’t show confirmation of that solicitation). They are deducting this remarkable receipt from our discount — shouldn’t the verification of arrangement be on the them? At any point we performed long stretches of exploration on our side to attempt to find any arrangement or solicitation for additional licenses and can’t find the verification we started the solicitation. As of now, it’s not worth further examination/legitimate activity/lawful expense, and we simply need to be finished with Litmos. Sad we’ll lose more cash subsequent to losing 6+ months worth of modified content the group endeavoured to fabricate.

Notwithstanding the abovementioned:

The tech is really obsolete. There are various models I could share, yet all at once here’s one: When you add a cover picture to a course, the picture added must be the specific pixel size required (450x253px) — on the off chance that not the picture will naturally be contorted (perspective proportion will be off). This implied, on the off chance that we needed cleaned looking cover pictures, we’d need to find the right picture, then, at that point, crop it to the determinations, then transfer it. It might appear to be a little issue, however this is one model, envision each part of content creation and LMS organization requiring “workarounds” like this — it was horrible. Such countless apparatuses out there have tech that has developed far past this (even telephone applications are a lot more grounded) — it’s unsatisfactory as I would like to think.

Support is the most awful I’ve encountered. Most times I connected with our CSM, I was told to open a help ticket. Being aware of cycle/structure, I was glad. On a few particular cases, support tickets were haphazardly “converged” with different tickets and shut without follow-down or goal. Most of the way into our agreement, they presented a new “Backing Launchpad” that would permit us to “smooth out the manner in which we mentioned help.” The platform required finish of a monotonous arrangement process, the initial step of which was finding the one individual at our organization that Litmos had set up as super administrator. The super administrator being referred to turned out to be a leader support, who had not functioned as a component of the Enablement bunch in over a year. At the point when I imparted to Litmos that he was never again part of our division, they made sense of that for however long he was still with the organization, the main way ahead was to have him sign in, make a record, then add me as a top director. Whenever I was set up, I’d need to do the equivalent multi-step process for anybody we needed to have open a ticket in the Support Launchpad. As an update, this is SO THAT A SUPPORT TICKET CAN BE OPENED. It seems like a lumbering interaction that was worked to limit support tickets versus make winning client stories.

Development on Litmos halted the second they were procured by SAP. Different elements appear to break over the long haul and nobody can fix them. As a matter of fact, not anything I’ve requested to be fixed has at any point been fixed, there’s simply workarounds. What’s more, right now, I need to sort out my own work arounds in light of the fact that I couldn’t actually get support.

Litmos support as moved over to what has all the earmarks of being some exceptionally old help gateway. I used to send an email and it would make a ticket and things would work typically. Presently, as I compose we messaged our CSM 10 days prior on an issue we actually haven’t even had the option to make a pass to have the issue checked out – and it’s unsettling transferring a SCORM document which is tossing a mistake and we can’t even rollout a change to strategy preparing.

In some cases attempting to find courses can be troublesome.

I value how it works. I partake locally, the group, and how things cooperate.

There’s not a lot, truly. A few ideas is have extra mentor command over individual student learning reports, which isn’t not difficult to keep up with inside the LMS. At times there are some secret phrase reset circle issues, yet all in all, there are not very many issues.

It would be useful to have perused just admittance to information bases or interface Microsoft Power BI to the data set. Then Litmos clients can all the more likely break down and track student progress.

Should be an Administrator to run reports, restricted Instructor capacities, little command over clients and gathering the board, ZERO capacity to import Manager data for Active Directory or BambooHR (has neither rhyme nor reason), not giving clarification to individual inquiry responds to (just for the inquiry in general), not ready to copy individual inquiries inside a test, Not ready to turn on/off randomize addresses for individual questions (should accomplish for whole test).

I can’t imagine anything explicitly. The course inventory is not difficult to have workers proceed to see courses that are advertised.

The execution support for the item was A+. Phenomenal. Since going live, we’ve moved to the tagging framework for help and it’s been powerless. Reaction time is slow and arrangements don’t necessarily work. Moreover, relegating clients to bunches for simple organization isn’t instinctive and a piece lumbering

The report motor carves out opportunity to figure out how to use to best impact

There is no choice to pick which warnings get shipped off students. You can switch off notices generally for a specific client (so they either get all warnings or none). In any case, you’re not ready to switch off one explicit warning (ex. I don’t maintain that students should get a notice each time they complete an evaluation)

Page stacks gradually now and again. The greatest issue is it appears to be that they have successive specialized issues. Initial, a sign-in with SSO button that I hadn’t empowered bafflingly showed up. It took them a couple of days for them to address that.

In any case, the greatest thing is that they unintentionally erased our information – recordings, pictures, and authentications we’ve transferred so we needed to begin without any preparation. It required fourteen days to “resolve” the issue. At the point when I previously announced it, they let us know they would explore and “work with AWS” to determine. I needed to follow up , and really at that time did they uncover that they erased the information of a portion of their clients. Litmos was unusable for a long time, and we might have “settled” it by reuploading however they decided not to tell us.

Arranged search isn’t permitted.

Minimal more computerization with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is required as the world is moving towards AI.

Little responsiveness towards extensionable is required.

Suggestions to others thinking about SAP Litmos:

I suggest SAP Litmos for the accompanying reasons:

It is critical to take note of that SAP Litmos is a customization-mindful framework, it gives preparing prepared content.

It tends to be arranged to give far reaching learning ways, including example plans, courses, modules, and independent tasks.

Be aware of the usefulness versus what you are trusting it can do – assuming you present ideas for development the possibilities of the change being carried out isn’t probable.

Assuming that you need customized help, head off to some place else. There are a few key limits to this framework around essential usefulness. I don’t see utilizing this long haul.

While searching for a learning the executives framework as a general rule, contemplate your objectives. SAP Litmos has a lot of highlights and can act as carrying out a whole learning and improvement program (with the assistance of L&D/coaches obviously). Be that as it may, how much elements can be overpowering particularly while first setting up and the announcing isn’t quite as easy to understand as a few different frameworks. Ponder how strong a framework you’re searching for and let that guide you as you really do demo’s with various LMSs.

It is an extraordinary framework with incredible substance. Truly adaptable and easy to understand, however be careful the emotionally supportive network, it is the direct opposite of the actual LMS.

SAP Litmos is enthusiastically recommendable for the sort of work it permits us to do. Set aside yourself some cash and time preparing staff in an alternate area and exploit the Litmos e-learning stage, which is extremely proficient in its application

SAP Litmos is a magnificent instrument for guaranteeing that staff individuals are constantly prepared and instructed on fundamental strategies and item data. It saves a ton of time for the preparation division, and it likewise lessens cost. I will prescribe this item to each association.

Litmos programming is an extraordinary asset for preparing our representatives. They have made transferring our ongoing preparation cd simple and presently we at this point not behind on preparing our fresh recruits.

Incredible answer for a merchant oversaw LMS, can coordinate with many administrations like Zoom, WebEx, Go To Training, box, Dropbox, and then some!

I would prescribe Litmos to organizations of any size. It’s not difficult to utilize, simple to make learning ways, courses and relegate courses to representatives.

In the event that your task rules are not extremely mind boggling, this is a phenomenal choice. The remainder of the administrator is very simple. Moreover, assuming that you intend to assemble content versus buy, this is the ideal stage. The capacity to assemble and alter scorm locally is really strong. The application doesn’t incorporate with SSO, so those searching for a portable weighty encounter ought to know about this limitation.

What issues is SAP Litmos settling and how is that helping you?

Lessen the expense of preparing for your organization, contrasted with face to face guidance, you can set aside cash.

Further develop your preparation methodology by giving dependable information to figure out where adjustments are required in the preparation cycle.

Builds the viability of representative preparation.

It permits you to make satisfied with the norms and determinations to make organized educational articles, which is invaluable and intelligent, clearly like a game between the members.

SAP Litmos allows you to get to content whenever, anyplace, with content accessible 24 hours per day.

Learning and AI can be custom-made to your inclinations.

Urges members and teachers to cooperate, advancing cooperative learning.

We can dole out and follow proceeding with schooling and consistence courses for our staff. Utilizing the rating and overview highlights, we can gather information to work on our substance conveyance for all our staff, clients, and VARs.

Our organization is known for our End User Training experience. We offer cleaning items to schools, shopping centers, merchants, and so on. Their representatives use our courses to figure out how to appropriately utilize our items.

We love effectively giving substance to them, yet we don’t adore the student experience. A student ought to have the option to sign in, see what groups that are a piece of, and see what courses/learning ways have been doled out to them. That isn’t the case today.

Expanded my item information. Begun to have faith in my item. Talked without hesitation to our possibilities and clients about us and informed them that how we can add alleviation to their aggravation.

The issue we are tackling is Google homeroom. We recently involved GC for staff onboarding and preparing programs. Be that as it may, presently we are utilizing a LMS (Litmos) to more readily smooth out the interaction. It’s improved our onboarding and preparing by permitting us to set up tests inside the framework that can be effectively investigated. Beforehand we needed to utilize Google structures inside Google Classroom and afterward count up scores toward the back of the outcomes sheet which made detailing a problem.

We are attempting to give a consistent growth opportunity to our representatives. There are still errors and a few manual cycles that are difficult and occupy a lot of time.

Making the framework more easy to understand for clients, administrators and administrators

With SAP Litmos, I’m ready to make online courses for staff to take on a case by case basis. We use it for proficient advancement as well as new job preparing. Contingent upon the need, we can set accreditation prerequisites, cut off times, or leave it open.

It Will assist with grouping the stages of preparation.

Consequently allocated to representatives w.r.t criteria on Joining or move or advancement with height of band.

Dashboard assists with the total analytics information

The reports are extremely definite, it is exceptionally simple to utilize, the point of interaction is truly adaptable and gives nitty gritty data on the discovering that every worker has acquired by getting to their profiles.

Really captivating consistence eLearning

Advancement of new starters and existing staff

Capacity to offer courses beyond consistence to assist staff with creating themselves

Capacity to compose and transfer our own courses

Adding the strategic advantage to give the staff something to go for the gold

SAP Litmos fills in as an instructive entrance for my association where all applicable information is passed and tried.

It likewise fills in as an e-learning stage for us which is the most ideal sort of stage since everybody can get to the gaining materials from any place they are.

It saves us huge amount of cash and time to prepare our staff.

We use SAP Litmos for evaluations also when we test our kin for information holes, etc.

Course the executives, creation, and doling out.

We use it for instructive purposes and as a corporate learning stage for all staff individuals.

It assists us with guaranteeing that everybody finds out about organization strategies and consistence issues.

It sets aside time and cash for preparing and materials.

SAP Litmos makes a larger number of issues than it settles as of now. I used to depend on it to follow fruition for consistence preparing – I can’t confide in the information any longer and need to pull manual reports and pursue individuals actually.

We are at present shopping to supplant Litmos.

No issues as of now, I have understood that preparing is so vital to each worker.

The innovation empowers us to lay out learning pathways for new clients quickly. Self-marking is one of the most basic parts of our onboarding technique.

We are involving Litmos as our focal learning framework, and it is an extremely helpful expansion for investigating our compulsory and item based preparing for our representatives. It is not difficult to tweak to our own image, and we continue to urge staff to login to the framework to finish their preparation consistently.

We utilize the Litmos LMS to convey preparing to clients that have students yet not a LMS. Our clients give on-request preparing to their students for a minimal price.

Convey a LMS supporting self-propelled learning courses with broad detailing and mechanization devices, coordinating with BambooHR and Microsoft Active Directory.

No issues as of now. The advantages are the course choice. Our organization is focusing on worker wellbeing and it’s ideal to give or highlight a course to our representatives a particular course that ties into our health subject of the month.

Litmos assisted us with robotizing following obviously consummation. It likewise considers mass program transfers, which has saved us a lot of time since numerous workers don’t have organization gadgets and take study hall preparing

Pre-begin preparing, for example, Health and Safety courses.

Authoritative and consistence pre-course and post-course materials

Esteem added advantages to draw in and hold laborers

Absence of coordination of API in computerization is required.

Absence of help both in Windows and Android application.

More client assistance is require.

Indeed, my business execution has increment two-overlap.

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