Lumio by SMART App Review

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What is Lumio by SMART?

Lumio is a computerized learning instrument that makes it simple to change illustrations into dynamic, cooperative opportunities for growth to draw in understudies on their gadgets, any place they are.

Educators can undoubtedly change PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint and Notebook records into illustrations with intuitive exercises, games, bunch work areas and evaluations, fabricated right in. Educators can change examples in a flash, and convey them to understudies’ gadgets in a program or through Google or Microsoft Teams.

Lumio is an adaptable, efficient device, with creation and joint effort devices that assist understudies with gaining with and from one another, in or out of the homeroom. Its dashboard gives educators significant knowledge into how their understudies are picking up, allowing them effectively to see every understudy or gathering’s work progressively and give moment criticism.

Lumio makes it simple to step up the example materials educators as of now have, inside the stages they as of now use. Make associated encounters that keep understudies advancing effectively together, any place they are.

Note: Lumio was previously known as SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO)

What do you like best about Lumio by SMART?

Lumio gives an incredible stage to planning content to help understudies. It gave an extraordinary stage to educators to plan examples and content for understudies to collaborate with which permits all understudies to contribute and share their understudy voices in the homeroom setting.

Lumio is extremely simple to utilize, you can begin from something existing or without any preparation. Each game is truly simple to set up. However, the freebees and work areas are my outright #1! You can “pass them out” to understudies and watch them work without floating over their shoulders. You can likewise work right alongside them!

Lumio is basic and simple to utilize and learn. The most awesome aspect of the program is having the option to take a google slides that I as of now have made and import them into lumio to have the option to add the intelligent components. Something else I love is the manner by which I can make any page a work area in a hurry! I’m ready to show my example and base the illustration on my understudies progressively!

My #1 thing about SLSO is that making illustrations and activities is so natural. I love that you can transfer materials you as of now have and utilize them to foster presents/exercises inside SLSO. My understudies love the game-based exercises inside SLSO. There are such countless game-based exercises to browse! You can make tests, matching exercises, fill-in-the-clear exercises, thus some more. Another game-based action that was as of late delivered is a word search, which my understudies truly appreciate!

I love the usability with Lumio. I can utilize Lumio to consolidate various assets from various areas to make connecting with content. I love the delightful way energized understudies get while drawing in with content in exercises, for example, Monster Quiz and Super Sorts.

My number one thing Lumio offers is instructor intelligence inside a virtual stage. Having the option to tap on a singular understudy’s page and collaborate straightforwardly with them is nothing to joke about! Giving that coordinated criticism is a fundamental part to educating face to face or on the web. I love the amazing way clever Lumio is with its asset library! I value the all set substance and devices accessible for me to tweak my examples.

I love that making fantastic examples in an exceptionally short measure of time is so natural. I likewise love the amazing way numerous examples are as of now made and prepared to utilize!

The capacity to draw in understudies, center them, considering educating with intelligence and imagination.

Lumio is likewise associated with Google Drive which is an immense reward.

I love the delightful way simple it is to find assets that are as of now made. There are superb assets made that I can rapidly use across numerous guidelines and the instant formats are amazing. I love the amazing way I can game if I any less and rapidly.

I’ve been utilizing and preparing on SMART Lumio starting around 2020, and love that it adds intelligence (as individual and group games, coordinating, arranging exercises, and so forth) as well as cooperative whiteboard spaces where separate groups can mind map, draw outlines, and so on; this has been especially useful while showing on Zoom during the pandemic. For those generally acquainted with Notebook 16 and more up to date, the configuration is incredibly recognizable and it’s not difficult to hop into porting illustrations on the web. Understudies love the versatile empowered highlights like Team Quiz and survey elements, and it’s simple so that the facilitator could see what each group is doing on their different screens.

Lumio is phenomenal for arranging casual evaluations on happy explicit norms and additionally objectives and goals. I use Lumio beast tests to support understudy commitment and measure learning progress!

Lumio permits instructors to effortlessly make intelligent exercises for understudies utilizing accessible layouts. This intuitiveness increments commitment for understudies in the study hall.

I love SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO). SLSO has permitted me to associate and team up with understudies in such a difficult time. While distance learning, it was a test to get understudies to talk/lock in. In any case, not with SLSO. The connection, gamification, and every one of the highlights SLSO brings to the table and has assisted me with associating with understudies, yet additionally look at in where they are. SLSO has implicit all that an educator needs, games, evaluation, and fun while being not difficult to utilize!

We are a smartboard region. Every one of our schools has smartboards, so Lumio is the best coordination for examples and remote discovering that I have seen up to this point! So natural to incorporate with our Google work area.

I truly partake in that Lumio is continually developing as the essential way for Teachers to direct their introductions. Giving educators the opportunity and commitment highlights with Individual Handouts and Collaborative Workspaces make for intelligent, enlightening meetings for instructors and understudies the same.

The capacity to make connecting with intuitive exercises and push them out to class sells the item. One more incredible thing about utilizing the SLSO is that it is extremely natural for the client. Assuming that you are know about the SMART Learning Suite the SLSO is practically natural.

Lumio by SMART Learning Suite is the most intelligent and viable web based learning device I have at any point utilized. I use it for preparing educators close by zoom and in the study hall for coordinated and nonconcurrent learning. It permits you to make intelligent game-based exercises in under 5 minutes and is phenomenal for appraisal for getting the hang of utilizing the SMART reaction. All the more as of late, Lumio has incorporated seriously learning and instructive devices like realistic coordinators and Desmos. The product is electronic, so you can undoubtedly send a connection for understudies to get to your example or to impart your illustration to different instructors. The most imaginative and cooperative instructive piece of programming!

The simplicity of tracking down helpful layouts and effectively making fun, significant, connecting with exercises for understudies is awesome. I partake in the capacity now to associate Lumio and Google Dive.

I love the games and layout/manipulatives accessible for understudies to use alongside your examples! Likewise, the capacity to give momentary criticism and help with live time is astonishing and such an efficient device. The understudies are so eager to show what they know and have the capacity/accountability to finish jobs at the time. Lumio has extraordinary assets that could be utilized in ALL satisfied regions and straightforward for understudies to utilize! It resembles a computerized file organizer of all tasks for instructors to have readily available.

I like the game layouts and that SMART Notebook documents can be imparted to understudies online as well as clarified over.

The students work with extraordinary inspiration on account of the games and the perky climate. Lumio is simple for understudies to utilize.

Lumio is not difficult to use for educators: games can be modified in minutes. Understudies can associate with it even from home, extraordinary in these seasons of a pandemic. I was unable to manage without Lumio!

Lumio empowers educators to make examples custom fitted to the singular understudies in their group. It gives the apparatuses to permit homerooms overall to connect and take part continuously deliberate learning exercises. Lumio is natural and simple to utilize; instructors and students can get to it on any remote empowered gadget. Many layouts are accessible that save instructors a lot of time while making illustrations. Besides, appraisals are not difficult to make, and the information from them is not difficult to keep and examine. Understudies enthuse about the cooperative highlights and the exercises which assist them with learning while at the same time having some good times!

Lumio permits you to import a few document types into an intuitive illustration. You can make drawing in exercises to assemble continuous criticism. You can likewise share the example through URL to have clients complete exercises and see or survey slide content at their own speed at their own time in a nonconcurrent design. SMART has given free formats to be utilized, altered, and altered to address the issues of the end-client. This stage is superb for teachers and business/item leads.

Lumio is an ideal instrument for the study hall for both up close and personal and online classes.

The educator needs to put forth almost no attempt to accomplish intelligent and fascinating exercises for his understudies, on account of the various layouts that exist and thus these can be adjusted to the current subject or put their own assets connected with their school, topic …

Understudies likewise play a functioning part in Lumio, where as well as having the option to complete the errands proposed by the educator, they can make exercises, transfer pictures, do exercises cooperatively …

In my own case, that we use LinEx, it is extraordinary that you work with Lumio from any program. Lumio is accessible for all working frameworks and for all gadgets utilized in schools

Lumio by SMART Technologies is an extraordinary method for placing each of your illustrations into one focal area. It’s exceptionally simple for understudies to get to and can turn in their tasks in that general area. Everything looks great with understudies having to “lose” their papers or have papers that must be conveyed to and for by the instructor. I use it consistently with my understudies and offer the examples with my partners. Once more, a great device.

What do you loathe about Lumio by SMART?

Lumio is another item and it shows in a couple of ways. While the stage is perfect at catching understudy reactions, it is really difficult so that instructors might see those reactions and give criticism to their understudies. We have had discussions with SMART and the Lumio group and we comprehend that a portion of these pieces are being grown however at its present status it is deficient in a couple of regions

A portion of the educators I work with think the subjects on certain games appear to be a rudimentary level. I love that some permit you to add your own experience as opposed to utilizing the pre-constructed subjects. I likewise wish there was a finish of-meeting report to show what understudies did and track their games plays.

The main thing I can imagine is the point at which you are altering or making an action to cause a slide a work area or a freebee you to need to tap the enchanted wand. This is difficult for my memorable instructors where to track down these choices. It would be more straightforward assuming that they were all their own singular button at the top all things being equal.

I presently can’t seem to find a disadvantage to utilizing Smart Learning Suite Online. It has made attempting to educate essentially and in a cross breed model considerably less upsetting. My in-person understudies love the games as a whole and exercises. It is drawing in for every one of my understudies.

I would like the capacity to see what understudies are doing on all pages of an example. Presently, I can see individual freebees, bunch work areas, entire class whiteboards, and reaction exercises.

I would adore for association in the educator’s library to be better. Nonetheless, Lumio is perfect at addressing educator’s necessities and deliveries enhancements in an ideal matter.

The hardest part is for visitor educators to effectively get to an example on the off chance that the instructor is out for the afternoon. We wish there were a more straightforward method for giving them access.

Nothing – could you ask for anything better? It fills all needs of an associated instructor.

I can hardly hang tight for every one of the potential elements of SMART Notebook to be in Lumio…but I know that is coming.

I wish that there were more augmented simulation apparatuses to add like Near Pod. I additionally wish there were more exercises that would save the information like the reaction test. I likewise wish implanting links was more straightforward.

I wish it was feasible to make the textual style bigger for specific intelligent layouts and that there were seriously composing space for the position request like the more seasoned Flash-based adaptation.

As of now, there isn’t anything I can find that I could do without. Everything is by all accounts functioning admirably with this item, and I find there are not an excessive number of mistakes or glitches while utilizing it!

I might want to see more layouts for higher grade levels. As of now, a portion of these formats look more adolescent in nature. With upper level layouts all the more secondary teachers would probably utilize Lumio.

There is nothing I despise! SLSO is simple, fun, and solid.

Administrator Console isn’t excessively perfect, can have more component to make due.

SMART Technologies has made a point to continue to work on Lumio’s convenience, and that has not slipped through the cracks by instructors. In the previous year alone, Lumio has gone through its rebrand from SLSO, added more record usefulness and further developed association with organizers.

Pretty much nothing remains to be detested about the item.

The main drawback for me is the web association at our school, which is fundamental for the product to easily run.

While Lumio is awesome the vivid per user has serious room for improvement to permit more kinds of reports to be perused. I anticipate seeing the astonishing upgrades that will come from now on.

I disdain that I can’t look the premade assets by standard or make a “bank” of assets to share all the more effectively with my school/group. Likewise, I could do without that I am simply restricted to text or pictures to expand on a slide as opposed to making it more intuitive with an overlay highlight (embed Youtube, manipulatives, and so on a similar slide. The capacity to “stow away” slides while introducing would likewise be perfect to fabricate a unit yet as it were “discharge” content in lumps by examples.

The camera application on the SMART Panel MX sheets in the event that you snap a photo with it can cause the application to not work/crash until you restart. My workaround is to get a pen on the board and put a dab and afterward save it.

It would be perfect if the program on the SMART Panels MX could have an endlessly save the email address. We need to type it in every time to login to

We have found that downloading Notebook records from Google Drive to the Panel works preferable and quicker over Lumio/SMART Suite.

It would be perfect if the Whiteboard application had an element to erase all explanations so educators can involve similar document with various classes in optional

The SMART Panel application needs a way under Files to duplicate/copy the document

I would like Lumio and Notebook to be at a similar degree of purpose. However, I realize that SMART is chipping away at it and we see new things showing up regularly. I anticipate having the option to join sounds for words or pictures.

I would energetically prescribe Lumio to any instructor, no matter what the age and fluctuating skills of the understudies they educate. There isn’t anything that I despise about Lumio.

There are some liveliness includes that are not quite as vigorous as their PC programming. It is likewise challenging to evaluate numerous appraisals in a single illustration as the maker needs to separately go to each slide and action.

I would like a few exercises to save/trade the outcomes.

I could do without that when I use another person’s PC to show the example, I need to “download” it each time. It’s hard to need to save it, even after we have proactively finished piece of the assignment.

Proposals to others thinking about Lumio by SMART:

Attempt a couple of things each time, in a little while you’ll know how to utilize every last bit of it!

It is an extraordinary device for making drawing in encounters around your substance.

SMART exceeds everyone’s expectations to address the issues of the two educators and understudies.

Lumio by SMART gives very colourful, exorbitant interest, drawing in and simple to utilize exercises. You can get previously made PDF, slides or different reports and work from that point. Don’t bother beginning from scratching except if you have any desire to!

Check it out – it has a free rendition. Check SMART’s recordings out.

Interface with a SMART minister.

Dive right in! Change your standard pencil/paper evaluations to a computerized design for greater commitment and criticism!

In the event that you are a Google Workspace for schooling you ought to consolidate this to Google so natural to set up things!

Lumio by SMART is an unquestionable necessity for the cutting edge instructor’s study hall. Lumio permits instructors to make intuitive illustrations for understudies to associate with. I believe Lumio to be an indispensable device for any mixed learning or even homeroom learning.

If you have any desire to be intuitive use Lumio

Lumio has the chance to supplant other costly programming applications making it the swiss armed force blade of educational programming.

Begin with the assets made! Make little examples for understudies to get comfortable with apparatuses first.

Like Nearpod yet way more intelligent. Simple, fun, and intuitive.

I would enthusiastically prescribe Lumio to all teachers; it takes learning and commitment to one more level

What issues is Lumio by SMART settling and how is that helping you?

Lumio takes care of a couple of issues in the study hall. I believe that one of the significant things that Lumio addresses is giving understudies admittance to SMART scratch pad records for them to connect with and investigate. Generally SMART Notebook has been a particularly instructor focused device yet Lumio separates those boundaries to make it intuitive and open for understudies.

Developmental appraisals are so natural to make and share inside Lumio. Understudies can rapidly see what they endlessly don’t have the foggiest idea and right their reasoning all through the illustration.

Toward the year’s end, it is in every case hard to keep understudies drew in and centered. Lumio has made it simple to put “games” into my example to keep understudies drew in and learning.

The main advantage of utilizing SLSO is the way rapidly I can make examples for my understudies. Another incredible component is that it keeps all understudies connected with in light of the fact that the examples are intelligent and fun.

I have been fortunate to impart to numerous educators across our huge region school area as we look toward understanding our balanced gadget experience this forthcoming fall. Educators are preparing to utilize Lumio to connect with understudies and they are returning SMART Notebook assets which has been superb.

SMART permits me to communicate with my understudies both essentially and with in-person understudies. I don’t need to make numerous examples for the understudies I serve.

The commitment with understudies is unparalled by different items. As a locale, we are hoping to give Lumio licenses to all instructors, notwithstanding on the off chance that they have an actual board.

Lumio rejuvenates the substance of educating – it exhibits to the understudy the goals and example realities and draws in understudies continuously.

Understudies are stunned by the intelligence, gamification and usability as do educators.

I have had the option to customize learning and separate exercises. I love the understudy joins choice and I likewise like having the option to share an educator connect with my partners or individuals who come to my phases of preparation.

At DLI, we’re actually utilizing the old adaptation of Notebook 11 with the outdated blaze, so the Lesson Activity Toolkit does not work anymore. I’ve been preparing DLI educators on the most proficient method to utilize Lumio to supplant existing exercises with ones that can be utilized both in the homeroom as well as on the web.

I use Lumio to perform speedy advancement observing checks for my understudies with handicaps. I use Lumio for informal “ticket out the entryway” style evaluations or entire gathering objectives and targets checks!

I have worked with EC educators to take content that has been given to them in a paper configuration to Lumio. The substance guided them to make different paper duplicates and cut out materials which was very work serious. We changed materials over completely to illustrations inside Lumio that were adjusted for understudy’s capacities and intuitive for understudies.

I can undoubtedly associate and check understudies’ advancement and learning through SLSO. It makes it so natural.

Sharing exercises for on the web and in-person classes.

I see educators involving Lumio in their study halls to lead both low-stakes intuitive meetings that previously would’ve been “address”/sage-on-a-stage minutes and on second thought develop into drawing in and cooperative encounters. The capacity for instructors to have the option to notice and possibly measure understudy work legitimately and secretly is a significant benefit Lumio has on comparable ed-tech applications.

Living in the ongoing pandemic world, the SLSO permits teachers to foster connecting with illustrations that they can use in the homeroom or remote learning. This utilization considers the homeroom to remain socially far off however never the less taken part in their illustrations.

The advantages that have come to the front are keeping understudies participated in learning regardless of where they are. On the off chance that they are far off students they do similar exercises as would in school.

I’m involving Lumio as a feature of my job as expert improvement of educators. It assists me with composing completely intelligent and cooperative courses.

Conveying content to understudies whether they are in the study hall, virtual, or out wiped out. Using Lumio exercises for understudies who are missing permits them to finish guidance and informative exercises before getting back to school making us more useful.

Numerous instructors gripe about not having sufficient opportunity to get out manipulatives, making/tracking down assets, and afterward bringing all that back home to grade. Lumio kills how much time that would take by including all that inside reach to incorporate and separate and GREAT illustration! It gives the ESE or lower understudies more trust in finishing work since they anticipate games where they can make sense of their reasoning.

All understudies can approach an online whiteboard/SMART Board. Game formats make audit fun.

Understudies can work autonomously, on account of the sound guidelines. The games permit the understudies to have the option to prepare in a great manner; besides they are self-remedying, it saves time for me. It is useful during the times of learning distance since we have direct admittance to the exercises of the students and can direct them as well as could be expected.

Lumio has tremendous advantages for expanded picking up, empowering students to proceed to learn and draw in with one another in any event, when they are not actually in school. Lumio urges understudies to team up inside work areas; students draw in and look at thoughts; this broadens and develops their comprehension. Having the option to utilize manipulatives that look like substantial assets is a fabulous help for understudies. Exercises inside Lumio are such a lot of fun that the students need to continue to accomplish more!

I have had the option to team up with instructors across the globe no concurrently and simultaneously, associating understudies and educators. Lumio permitted me to educate and associate understudies during the COVID-19 pandemic to upgrade and draw in understudies with the class content and with one another.

As I said previously, the way that it is multiplatform is an extraordinary advantage

The issue that we are addressing with Lumio by SMART Learning Suite, is that it’s simpler for understudies to get to. They can get to it from anyplace and they can finish it regardless of where they are. The advantages are countless.

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