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What is Kissflow?

Kissflow is the very first Unified Digital Workplace Platform that permits you to deal with all of your work at one spot. Kissflow is utilized by north of 10,000 clients across 160 nations. Kissflow accepts individuals nearest to the confusion know how to fix it best. That is the reason we made a stage to assist all business clients with finding, make, change, and use business applications. Every application is made utilizing lovely, simple to-utilize, and present day innovation to assist with night non-specialized individuals make astounding applications. No coding or complex planning required.

What do you like best?

Kissflow is an exceptionally adaptable work process the board arrangement, Can be essentially used to numerous down to earth day purposes inside an association.

Having our clients ready to work together on an interaction and have all activities time stepped have truly made for a much smoother and effective endorsement process for our outreach group

The likelihood to make various types of work processes for each typology of cycles and sets extra standards/approvals.

Additionally you can sets each sort of warnings for each entertainer.

You can set work processes whit unique “if cause” encloses request to make an alternate sort of parts of the stream, so it’s entirely adaptable. For Example in the event that in a particular cycle structure stage, one explicit documented isn’t filled, the interaction can take another course and illuminate various entertainers about this evolving.

Eventually, another significant element that I need to make reference to is the “Reports” area, when you can make in outright opportunity each report that you need to make and product those in succeed or different structures. Likewise this element is truly adaptable so I can recommend it.

I had generally excellent help from Kissflow when I was assessing the item. The arrangements engineer permitted me to manage my perspective and gave me additional chance to test the item while I managed flushing out the cycle with the key partner.

Client screen plan, simple to utilize, fast to convey, simple to create applications and reports, straightforward work process structure for the 90/10 of cycles.

Simple to make and oversee work processes. High level Automation of all cycles is not difficult to set up. I can’t envision how you oversee work processes without this product.

Our record support individual made working with kissflow a breeze. We were new to the stage and they had such a lot of persistence and understanding to show us how everything functions. Extremely grateful.

It is exceptionally instinctive, likewise it has numerous choices for clients, which makes it dynamic and simple to adopt. It is not difficult to make processes without any preparation or produce a custom one from the layouts

Effectiveness of growing new cycle/make changes in process is perfect ! Client can possess their interaction and no colossal spending plans for IT individuals required any longer.

All screens are so easy to understand planned that no preparation essential by any stretch of the imagination.

Both turn of events/utilization are extremely straightforward as its on application name “Keep it basic and savvy”.

Particularly with the new adaptation, it’s really simple and adjustable to make processes that get doled out to explicit individuals in our organization relying upon their job and which substances they’re allotted to. The work processes can be really basic or as complicated as you need to get, with each sort of info field you could require. The Kissflow staff are magnificent and exceptionally responsive too.

The item gives me the fundamental devices and stage to rapidly convey a low-code application. As the business requires, I plan and convey essentially in a split second.

kissflow is one of the most outstanding Software as a help stage, that permits us to redo the applications in view of our requirements and it is very simple for us to utilize the stage

Kissflow is basic for planning process streams and is simple for the clients (of the cycle) when the time has come to activity.

Extremely easy to utilize. Totally no code, with all the functionality that I want to further develop the organizations cycle.

I like the natural connection point and the extent of functionalities it offers

Work process assists a great deal with guaranteeing things for the Board Agenda don’t disappear in official mail. It is extremely simple to utilize and my staff like having the option to submit things without issue.

I like that Kissflow is a no code stage and many instant use cases which empowers our IT group to send arrangements quicker and better.

Simple to follow the structures for endorsement and simple to screen the forthcoming endorsements

Kissflow gives no-code answer for make applications rapidly. It is truly simple to design.

I like how the cycles can be made. Up until this point all that I expected to do fits in this application. The application is all around planned.

It’s a Cost-successful instrument for work process the board, and client support is consistently reachable and answers on time.

The idea is great however numerous tech hiccups

Apparatuses? NetSuite and our interior frameworks

Straightforwardness and usability of programming. Truly appreciate utilizing this product and the movement from the old adaptation was consistent

The excellent Support and the simple to utilize the Platform that anybody can use while hoping to computerize their cycle and work processes.

It’s exceptionally instinctive and simple to utilize. You can configuration ANY cycle you have as a main priority in the event that you are not content with the many cycles that are as of now planned.

Likewise, the IT group assists you with very fasting assuming you feel somewhat uncertain or need any assistance.

It’s entirely affordable (quality/cost incredibly good)Review gathered by and facilitated

I value a great deal the help I get from Kissflow, they’re typically exceptionally quick answering and viable! We had a few hardships subsequent to overhauling, since we have numerous and extensae cycles, and they were truly mindful of us.

Likewise, I track down it very easy to make and refresh the work processes, what gives us a specific freedom.

The manuals on the site are exceptionally useful while getting familiar though the framework.

With respect to new clients, kissflow has an extremely spotless and instinctive point of interaction, making it simple to learn and utilize.

Two things I love about KiSSFLOW are the straightforwardness and client care! It is so natural to utilize, the expectation to absorb information is short and anybody can utilize this. The client support is none similar to I have at any point knowledgeable about a product. Whenever of the day the reaction is prompt or in 10 minutes or less. Any issues I had have been settled soon!

The straightforwardness of the arrangement interaction, simplicity of dealing with a work process and furthermore their wonderful help group.

Issues of individuals coordination are settled by KiSSFLOW.

It make so natural to arrange the regulatory everyday practice. Subsequent to making an interaction you don’t burn through a lot of time preparing individuals in light of the fact that the Apps are plain as day – even a youngster can work it! :- )

KissFlow makes the computerization of cycles basic. Processes which generally have taken many individuals numerous hours to finish are presently fast, responsible and perceptible by all entertainers inside the cycle. Staff are presently bound to precisely finish processes as they are so natural to cooperate with.

Tt has the right harmony between easy to understand point of interaction and intricacy of work process control, the prepared to use on detailing dashboard, email alarm and inclusion on help API are what we intrigued with.

Negligible opportunity to figure out the stage. A great many people can log right in and have no issues. We had a monotonous email process last time, which was everything except straightforward for our improvised HR group of one. They would need to log everything furthermore, subsequent to supporting a solicitation. It was pointless time off our mind.

Simple to utilize point of interaction and pleasant clickthrough process while creating structures to utilize. As a non-specialized client, I am ready to effectively figure out the work process and produce streams that make my association fruitful. We can likewise acquire knowledge into the investigation encompassing cycle execution with this instrument.

What do you dislike?

Beginning set up for incorporations has an expectation to learn and adapt, But post which setting up more current stream is an exceptionally basic

The email mixes that produce are once in a while testing to make, yet the care staff at Kissflow is obliging and consistently accessible to meet when mentioned

The element that my organization utilizes less is the interior visit. We believe that it is more useful to utilize mail/calls to explain a few things or our interior programming that gives visit.

This is obviously an our inner costume.

After a ton of time contributed obviously I was utilizing some unacceptable Kissflow item. That was disappointing. I find the product is restricted in parts of usefulness that we wanted and would have been useful. For example, adding a hyperlink to a field and having it be interactive. I viewed setting up reconciliations as befuddling and restricted. Understanding how assignments fit into the framework was confounding.

Would like further report elements and measurements, test climate or sandbox, remain solitary versatile usefulness, improved pictures taking care of in the structures. Public Forms or Marketplace for non authorized clients.

The connection point and dashboard need some tweaking to seem OK, however it isn’t terrible generally speaking. I might likewise want to see a superior Admin entry to deal with the product.

There is no disadvantage with the exception of the stage has an expectation to learn and adapt. When you sort out the rationale of it, it works pleasantly.

Understanding it from the very outset is to some degree muddled. I would like there to be more instructional exercises.

They could have instructional exercises, or even courses to figure out it and benefit from it

New plan is too colour full, that may be tiring for individuals’ eyes.

We’re still during the time spent relocating from the old variant to the new, so there are several managerial highlights that we’re actually sitting tight for them to foster in the new adaptation that we had in the old rendition.

Right now, the stage conveys what I want and it is great to know that continuous update and fixes are sent by the group. Each time there is need for highlight inclusion and kissflow is educated, be have confidence that the following time and update is carried out, it will be incorporated.

We can’t express anything about the fault or the cons of the stage. As Cloud processing is blasting up as an option in contrast to the application programming projects, we want to adjust to the progressions

The relocation when they have an update is an aggravation. The detailing for my organization isn’t at a standard I would anticipate from a kissflow. The new form we have now has a ton of bugs (may have been a consequence of the relocation)

Still have a few interpretations issues, however nothing to stress over

Now and again set up can be hard for the work process on the off chance that you are not super well informed however their help group is very useful. I would cherish a more powerful arrangement process as opposed to doing it in-house for future work processes.

A great deal of the great elements are accessible for big business licenses. For associations with huge number of representatives, public structures are extremely restricted consequently the cost is restrictive.

The API association with the other application like SAP and other data set

Kindly give stage refreshes synopsis month to month to clients by means of an email

Report now and then require a ton of control while managing colossal structures and requires some degree of expertise. Having the option to channel tables like succeed on here would pleasant without need to download.

The get everything rolling popup… Extremely irritating and not valuable for me.

Not effectively adjustable for each client’s necessity, need to develop that region.

The format of most messages and reports

Designs would be decent as well

I have no disadvantages for utilizing this product, our organization has been involving Kissflow for a long time now and we were thinking about a create some distance from the product when we expected to relocate to the new variant anyway no other work process contenders came near Kissflows costs and usability

As of now there is no significant issue experience in executing the stage.

It would be perfect to computerize a few sends that presently must be finished with Zapier (despite the fact that I haven’t utilized Zapier at this point). It will be incredible once a PO is endorsed, this PO is consequently ship off the seller for instance

Assuming you have large and complex cycles, that request steady updates on the stream, you could confront a few issues on occasion.

Likewise, incorporating kissflow to different frameworks might be an issue, since the API calls are somewhat restricted.

About the new rendition, despite the fact that it looks much better and present numerous upgrades, it feels heavier and more slow than the bygone one.

Something final is the absence of possibilite to include the client inside the cycle or, at any rate, robotize an email sending for the client.

There isn’t anything that I hate about KiSSFLOW. I’m not wise on making “conditions” in work processes, it is more impressive than we are right now involving it for. I have not found extraordinary documentation on placing in conditions but rather that could probably be my absence of tech capacity (I am in HR 🙂

Not much to despise, I wish the item would be advised to versatile application support.

They are continually working on the portable experience however, So this may be fixed pretty soon.

Kissflow doesn’t have KPI checking inside(or assuming have it’s nos that simple to work) and illustrations are very hard. Sending out information needs a few abilities. Observing oppened errands by client is additionally very hard. Kissflow ought to give us more customization choice in the outline particularly in time tracking os undertakings allocated to clients. Email’s update additionally needs improve – as it is we just deserted it

The connection point is static. It would be ideal to have some necessary input in how fields are spread out on the screen.

We trust the “Actually take a look at List” type information field could be in their item guide that would make this item truly wonderful to us.

I haven’t had any regrettable encounters up until this point. I’ll keep a tab on any issues that I could have from here on out. The additional time I have in the apparatus, the better comprehension of issues.

High level custom work processes can become befuddling a baffling to assemble on our side. I might want to see extended mixes from inside the stage.

Suggestions to others thinking about the item:

I suggest this item and work process framework

Doing a great deal of tests on the work processes to oversee in the most effective way all the Kissflow highlight

The product is adaptable however recall that there are different Kissflow programming items. I got going reasoning one item was the right one and figured out weeks after the fact that an alternate item was really a superior fit.

Unequivocally suggested for little and average size organizations able to bounce from calculation sheets, paper forms and messages to a higher level and then some.

The cost is correct and their help made it worth the effort.

Kissflow is most straightforward among other cycle the executives stages. You can undoubtedly begin to utilize and you’ll be cheerful among cycle of improvement and maintenance.

I basically got no preparation prior to beginning to utilize Kissflow. The assistance archives were all I used to figure out how to start utilizing the stage effortlessly. Despite the fact that I am an IT master, that doesn’t mean anybody without earlier coding information can’t utilize the item. It doesn’t expect you to have coding abilities prior to planning and sending processes. Moreover, you can recreate as you plan before deploying on G

On the off chance that you will depend on local writing about work processes, for the present, this item isn’t really for you. All things considered, a decent stage for process the executives.

A no-code stage tends to the association’s work process necessities. It is extremely natural and simple to utilize in any event, for non-IT staff.

I’d prescribe it to clients who needs to make business stream

Great idea

Was not there in start of draft but rather once gives resolved its alright. Likely best assuming we had more inward command over termination of procurement orders and demands

I would thoroughly prescribe Kissflow to any private venture organizations that are searching for a straightforward device to begin coordinating and controlling inner cycles.

Give KiSSFLOW a shot, you’ll not think twice about it. In the event that you’re a huge association converse with the sales reps they’ll have the option to arrange a more ideal arrangement appropriate for your association.

In the event that you are uncertain about KissFlow, you can purchase a 10 client/1developer permit consistently for next to no cost. This will give you a lot of time and extension to construct your cycles and choose for yourself.

It is a simple easy to understand item with right equilibrium of intricacy to take care of business

This is the sort of hardware required for arising organizations – or deep rooted bigger organizations.

Do the preliminary to ensure that you can execute in light of your necessities. Also, ensure that you have somebody who comprehends your utilization case and can transform it into reality with kissflow.

What issues is the item settling and how is that helping you?

Request Management with extra advances like KYC confirmation, Order Tracking, and Post request conveyance streams. Since each step of our client’s process during onboarding is dealt with by different divisions. Kissflow assisted us with taking care of the issue with their swim lane arrangement of request handling.

Kissflow has coordinated our impetus interaction for our salesforce. It permits us to design our projects every month and support them and recap effectively. I found our outreach group is performing at a more significant level as a result of the responsibility Kissflow normally connects to every client in a work process

My organization needed to make a work process with numerous entertainers (that are in various areas) that need to approve each step of the cycle. On account of the incomparable KissFlow arrangement, we tackled this issue and presently we can deal with each sort of work processes and each sort of authorization/warnings.

Each entertainer presently can receive just the warnings of its capability and presently our interior authorization process is more efficient and viable and they open the application just when is important (so when they get an alarm/inform thought mail).

I had the option to get another specialty unit coordinated with programming that they were as use and preferred. While I don’t know if we will keep this cycle in Kissflow ;”(since it’s separated from other programming processes ) it permitted me to completely finish quality and a fulfilled client.

Human mistakes, absence of follow up over undertakings, absence of coordination among the groups, an exceptional and normal wellspring of truth. Every one of them improved with KiSSFLOW.

All organization work processes that include different gatherings can now cooperate to finish processes much speedier and precisely. You can follow your work process productively, and you can make cut off times to adhere to SLA.

We have a convoluted work process for with respect to understudy order. We were moving from a paper cycle and this was truly necessary. The advantages are bunch, it assists us with bettering track where we are simultaneously and gives us more confirmations that the appropriate things are finished.

We have command over a few key cycles.

We abstain from sending messages or having additional controls. We love it, as it establishes the vibe for ourselves and the times. We have controlled the cycle

The fundamental thought behind the apparatus is EUD (End client improvement) . With Kissflow we needn’t bother with IT, we simply have to know how our interaction functions and who is answerable for what. We simply arrange that in Kissflow.

It’s an internet based apparatus, so we can without much of a stretch include our outsider specialist organizations who are essential for the cycle.

This is likewise extraordinary positive effect for having all cycle parts in a single spot.

We work in an industry with a ton of government required “organization” for absence of a superior word, so there is a ton of desk work and individuals engaged with many cycles we do. This is an extraordinary way for us to begin, track, and coordinate these cycles and ensure they’re going to the ideal individuals and getting the right information as well as connections, and so on, at each step. It additionally furnishes us with measurable understanding on these cycles, as we can see timestamps for each step and create writes about them.

We use Kissflow to do buy orders, labour force demands, seller enrolment, and bunches of other business process endorsements and entries. We have had the option to close the hole between process inception and endorsements.

No much issues we could look from utilizing Kissflow. The Company offers best help for its clients. It really further develops efficiency by lessening the paper cost associated with everyday exercises

Consistency in following cycles every single time.

Since commencement, YUMBI has been utilizing kissflow.

We attempt to model a portion of our MVPs the quickest way imaginable, and Kissflow has permitted us that.

Kissflow is our go-to answer for Office robotization prerequisites

The utilization of paper, things being lost, things getting to focal office faster!

We are addressing the endorsement processes for our deals, promoting, finance, including capex endorsements. Ideally we will actually want to abbreviate the completion time with quicker endorsements.

We tackle the time imperatives on each structure endorsement and deal with the time allotment

Business process issues have been settled. Kissflow likewise goes about as a “drive” for data should have been put away.

Make process streams for our business. It smoothest out the interaction and monitor them.

It carried uncommon upgrades to our timetable for a work process the executives device, where it handles different partners in a single spot. Additionally, we have integrated different cycles into one instrument. So it’s compelling.

It was utilized as distribution center acquirement instrument. Not all ideas were thoroughly considered before send off.. Likely pushed through too early. Blunder for our benefit

Submitting buy solicitations and extra time demands have been so natural to initiate collected

We are robotizing our cycles and work processes; with this stage, we can accomplish our objective.

We had processes planned yet we had no real way to control it, presently we can.

We had heaps of cycles not planned, and everybody doing it another way, presently we will actually want to have strategies for each and every interaction.

We use kissflow on processes that need to pass by different offices inside the organization. That has assisted us with monitoring our inside requests and further develop correspondence. Previously, there was a ton of data that would become mixed up in our mail inboxes.

Additionally, it kills the requirement for papers and manual controls.

This item is an answer for our correspondence between our Managers, HR, Payroll and Business divisions when any progressions are made with representatives concerning fresh recruits, change of status and partitions. It has been a truly important device

KiSSFLOW coordinates our inward work processes, for example, requesting new parts, overseeing representative leave strategy and so on.

KiSSFLOW is likewise an incredible device for individuals combination. On-boarding new workers and empowering existing representatives adjust to the prerequisites of HR and other interior cycles are significantly worked with by KiSSFLOW.

Association. It makes me save parcel of time and go about our business more proficient assuming that the clients do what they should do – however it doesn’t permit us to see simple where were the framework’s inactive time.

We are as of now taking a gander at understudy conduct and the heightening to various individuals from staff contingent upon the seriousness. By running this cycle in KissFlow, we can see patterns and deal help to the understudies at a whole lot sooner stage than we have at any point finished, allowing us a greatly improved opportunity of getting the understudy to impact their ways before it is past the point of no return.

On the off chance that we can keep understudies and implement the requirement for good way of behaving, we gain monetarily which is a significant reward in the grieved times that schooling is as of now confronting.

We chose to convey Kissflow to help number of our inside processes including staff onboarding and client onboarding as startup point in this stage.

We are a developing organization, and that implies straightforwardness is critical. This is an easy program to screen our using time effectively. Like I referenced previously, we are a little yet developing group. Having a multi step process for our using time effectively was an exercise in futility and took us off the floor!

We were using kissflow to arrangement organization processes with on-boarding and related needs.

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