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What is Docebo?

Docebo is rethinking the manner in which undertakings influence innovation to make, convey, and comprehend the business effect of their opportunities for growth through The Docebo Learning Suite.

With Docebo’s multi-item learning suite, ventures all over the planet are prepared to handle any learning challenge and make a genuine learning society inside their association.

What do you like best about Docebo?

I love having the option to give spotless and natural encounters to my clients. I have a great deal of chance to make bunches of various pages utilizing their magnificent gadget framework.

The degree of development they are bringing to the LMS space is out and out astounding, and the speed that they make updates to their foundation is inconceivable. In the short 3 years I’ve utilized the stage, I’ve seen various frameworks improved radically. Assuming you need a framework that is future verification, this is the one you need to utilize.

My client achievement directors have forever been cordial, and my new one appears to be considerably more responsive than my last.

The enhancements they’ve made to help, particularly the execution of the visit framework, has been an immense improvement to the assistance work area. It’s good to have somebody to visit with should issues emerge in the stage, particularly assuming that I’m out of the workplace.

Stretched out big business permits you to give totally various encounters in light of your requirements.

The flexibility of the stage. I like the capacity to alter pages and reports.

I like the UI and the manner in which it looks. I additionally love the API program and how we can use it to do mass transfers.

The Course design for e-Learning looks perfect and feels pleasantly customisable.

This framework has mind blowing limits and highlights I didn’t actually realize that I would need or need. I likewise love the assistance work area on the off chance that I’m at any point stuck.

Administrator Gear, keep it as basic of route. Course Management. catalogues, Learning plans, notice will be not difficult to get to and adjust the settings according to prerequisites.

The most supportive part of Docebo is the simplicity with which content can be put away and made due. The capacity of customization for a customized look is likewise a positive.

I love the customization accessible in Docebo. We’ve made custom landing pages and revealing for different offices, and for individuals directors. The gamification is additionally perfect. Support has been strong, and our record chief is exceptionally responsive.

Subsequent to finishing a long and careful obtainment process, we found that Docebo was the main arrangement that could meet our business prerequisites: (1) The capacity to help various crowds with modified login pages utilizing Salesforce mix, (2) course, learning plan and confirmation capacities and (3) a focal storehouse where we can oversee content without any problem. Docebo is so adaptable and high level in what it can do, that we haven’t even start to expose every one of their elements. They likewise have a broadness of self-serve assets and a client care group that answers quickly. Would strongly suggest this.

I love the preparation assets Docebo gives. Docebo has learnings, information articles, and a local area page. I had never claimed or dealt with a LMS however Docebo assets permitted me to increase rapidly and furthermore own dealing with the LMS. What use is an item on the off chance that you don’t have any idea how to utilize it! I additionally love that we can share connects to the substance and how frequently they update the item.

The stage is powerful and offers venture level highlights which could scale with a private company well into a huge scope development period. However it’s adaptable enough that fitting the requirements of any side organization could be custom-made.

Docebo’s foundation is stylishly satisfying with lots of custom change choices, as well as expansive revealing choices accessible for all KPIs. My students love it!

Docebo is that uncommon stage that really satisfies its cases. From the underlying deals process through the main year of client care and support they have been magnificent to work with and reliably responsive. Indeed, even the couple of issues we’ve had were taken care of expertly and with care for us as a client.

Docebo is brilliant for having the option to consolidate your marking. see, and feel. At the point when others come to our dashboard, it looks proficient. We have involved it for client preparing for quite a long time, and clients can self register and take preparing without any problem. The stage is steady and I don’t need to stress over students not having the option to get to their preparation. Docebo has truly extended their contribution, so we additionally use Teams joining for Workshops, Salesforce combination to see our client information, Social Learning, Google Analytics, Multidomain and so on. We can show our getting the hang of presenting as courses or indexes.

Adaptable to an exceptionally serious level

Amicable client service from the central matter of contact

Regardless of whether there’s something I want that can’t precisely be settled, we track down a strategy for getting around it

I truly value the capacity to tweak the look and feel of the stage. I additionally like the way that there are a couple of choices for course improvement right inside the stage, for example, tests, overviews, and HTML pages for content.

A colossal in addition to for Docebo is that they are a lot of keen on the criticism from their clients. They tune in and answer locally.

The capacity to mark the stage for our association (colors, logos, and so on). The UI is appealing.

Very instinctive for clients to explore. Simple administrator capabilities for course construct and reports.

Docebo Connect

Notice versatility

Straightforward qualification among study hall and learning

Detailing capability is especially strong, permits a ton of information bits of knowledge

Client care is splendid, whether its through a ticket or the talk capability.

Docebo is very flexible with regards to settings and customization. We like custom pages and menus with format constructor. Configuration is very new and is continually advancing and refreshing. Programming interface is something next (but we actually don’t utilize it), however have plans to coordinate Docebo LMS into outer stages and potentially make an organization apparatus to help our administrators in better overseeing current client and courses data set.

We additionally like Bulk stacking through CSV (clients, courses ,enlistments). It saves a ton of time, particularly when you want to hugely refresh client fields or enlist many individuals in unambiguous gatherings or learning plants.

Docebo gives an adaptable connection point with regards to course players. We use course gadgets to expand the worth of the course, to assemble input, to allow individuals to download records or different materials while getting to the course.

The UI is exceptionally natural. Regulatory capabilities are not difficult to finish and require negligible exertion. The focal vault makes it simple to keep up with shifts to directions.

As an ADMIN the framework is exceptionally natural and simple to utilize. Also, the assistance place is efficient and straightforward. Generally, it is easy to understand!

UX, apparatuses joining with remote gathering applications, technical support, jobs convenience, course/inventories/learning plans fabricate construction and show. Stands apart among LMS choices.

Docebo has a ton of usefulness for customization. Detailing is very great. There are a ton of choices to control levels of Power User honors, yet probably the most fundamental controls are as yet missing – fixes are on the guide and ideally will be delivered for this present year.

Our prosperity director has been marvelous with customary registration calls. We were guaranteed this with our past merchant and never got this degree of care. We additionally value the local area/thoughts entrance and the straightforwardness in guide and delivery update online courses.

The Docebo staff are one of the most incredible pieces of the stage. The outreach group exceeded everyone’s expectations. Indeed, even after we marked the agreement, they have still been there to address our inquiries. The joining group finds opportunity to pay attention to every one of our utilization cases and asks follow-up inquiries to comprehend what we want Docebo to do. In the event that we can not find the responses ourselves through the broad asset Docebo has on the web, their group is consistently there to address our inquiries.

By and large the stage is easy to understand, and our preparation office has no issues exploring the site. It has saved their areas of expertise long periods of work already.

What do you dislike about Docebo?

I feel like they piecemeal you a piece, isolating their foundation into various pails and charging you something else for all that they would be able. I comprehend they are a business, and they need to help new developments, yet at the same at times it’s a piece over the top. Particularly while investing this much energy into new frameworks instead of fixing your old ones. On the off chance that the LMS was in a more concluded state, as opposed to having half of the back end actually existing on heritage pages, I might be more tolerating of this.

Capacity to control perceivability of courses doesn’t exist in the actual courses, and should be overseen by course lists.

Capacity to control gadget or page perceivability doesn’t exist, with just the menu framework (which houses the pages, pages house the gadgets) permits you to control perceivability.

The whole framework is a lot of worked around their old-fashioned enlistment framework. It appears they’ve made a few upgrades.

Their client thoughts entryway isn’t extraordinary except if you have a need that many others have, and those individuals wind up seeing your thought and deciding in favour of it, which is probably not going to happen except if they find opportunity to go to the thoughts page, and peruse.

No admittance to back end programming, and restricted admittance to any white glove administration implies that when you dislike the stage, you either can’t fix it, or need to trust that you can pay Docebo to make the improvement you want.

The Salesforce incorporation and technical support for this are poor. Since beginning involving the stage in April 2021, we definitely disapprove of matching up which have kept us down in carrying out the LMS with our clients in the LMS. Overall technical support is very sluggish and I as of now have 2 tickets that have been open for at least 3 weeks. I frequently need to circle back to technical support getting some information about the situation with my ticket and I feel that when I give subtleties of the issue, they are either not perused as expected or not considered when tech administrations attempt to investigate.

I additionally am not especially partial to the Notifications – there is definitely not a simple method for seeing and it finds a way multiple ways to set up.

I feel the notices are very confined. There are exceptionally restricted sort of warnings and what’s more, shortcodes are only a modest bunch. The new fields can’t be added as short codes.

The gadgets for pages are very limited. Some don’t have the choice for HTML customization.

Pages have a limitation of 20 gadgets.

There is NO committed asset who is talented in application distributing at Docebo. We have been pursuing for such a long time to get our application up on the Apple store however it required a long investment we actually haven’t been fruitful in that.

The reports are significantly User-based, so to pull a report of simply courses with their fields, that is unimaginable.

The meeting design for clients is exceptionally befuddling. The method for exchanging between occasions took a ton of becoming acclimated to by our clients and the people who use it interestingly can never sort it out. The drop-down window is gravely positioned.

Since it has such unique highlights, there are a few spots to look when something isn’t working right. It takes a piece to investigate. Additionally, I’m actually learning the program, so it very well may be me.

We have just framework settings notices. All things being equal, we really want course level email settings, it would assist us with planning an email relies upon course level settings. (i.e., System settings, Custom email, No email). The course proprietor has a choice to pick email settings according to course prerequisite.

when client profile idle, the selected/In progress course ought to be deactivate and it shows as a feature of administrator exercises. Assumption is selected course/LP/meetings ought to eliminate from the student profile once deactivate.

Indexes – Unable to run a report to download/view the related courses with each list. Reports has no supporting channels for lists.

Custom report – We have set of inbuilt channels in custom report. Still we really want to give more inbuilt channels to touchbase the all functionalities.

Meeting/Event – Always it befuddle the students when they enlist into the ILTs, need more apparent clearness on meeting/occasion select page according to student point of view.

A disadvantage to Docebo is the absence of individually buy choices for learning content beyond a bundle buy. It would be valuable to show all clients all courses that are accessible through Docebo and give individual clients the choice to buy courses individually. This would expand the client’s capacity to individualize and customize their learning substantially more.

There are numerous new item additional items which Docebo has delivered over the most recent 2 years, which have extra expenses. Since I have bought a few of the new items, my expenses have developed significantly, yet I feel the new items are definitely worth the additional cost.

Not an aversion but rather contrasted with different LMS frameworks we checked on, any organization that utilizes Docebo ought to have a committed LMS chairman who knows some HTML/CSS. There’s a lot to find out about the framework, yet that makes it so strong.

Docebo has a gamification stage that we are attempting to utilize. I think it is amazing that this component exists. I don’t think numerous LMSs have this however if requirements to permit more customization choices to permit associations to claim its badging. I likewise detest how provoking it is for our clients to reregister for preparing.

The authoritative UI is exceptionally mind boggling and it offers bunches of elements which are concealed in places you wouldn’t naturally search for them. The intricacy of investigating essential things appears to be unreasonable, and the mass client the board capacities are not perfect. The detailing capabilities are additionally fairly complicated and lumbering for doing to some degree essential things.

Customization requires CSS coding which some may not be know all about, and a portion of the primary back-end work is drawn-out, yet definitely justified!

They are an Italian-based organization, accordingly we battled when there was an issue requiring Tier 3 technical support and all of the level 3 specialists worked in Italy. It cost us daily of postponements.

Tragically, Docebo has disapproved of help of the item. It can frequently require a very long time to sort an issue out. They really do have a visit where support specialists answer rapidly for exceptionally essential issues. Yet, for transitional level help or fixes, we have needed to attempt to set things heightened up to have things tended to. At a certain point, this made us check out at different LMS merchants. We remained with Docebo due to their contribution and have needed to work around the unfortunate help. We trust that they will attempt to work on this.

One justification behind this issue, is that they are continuously growing and delivery things in a “silly” state causing weight on help specialists and clients. We would see the value in a more “fine completion” of the item. Whenever we adjust one of their new contributions we need to go this way and that with the underlying issues it causes.

Specialized counsel and assist with canning consume most of the day to plan

Documentation around a portion of the more specialized stuff isn’t perfect

It’d be good to peruse use instances of the more intricate subjects that are more point by point

Indeed, I might truly want to can utilize JavaScript however I likewise acknowledge why numerous stages don’t offer that capacity.

A few improvements to the gamification include and eCommerce choices would likewise be great.

I might want to see some greater adaptability with the utilization of coupons.

There are a few basic highlights missing from Docebo that my association needs with only a couple of models being the capacity to test notices, the capacity to require navigate on all slides with the google incorporation, making it simpler to switch text styles while you’re setting around preparing material depictions. There are odd hiccups consistently, similar to I can’t change the quantity of inquiries on a test in the event that anybody is underway. I can’t see how often somebody has endeavoured a test. You can’t dole out a declaration to a particular client. In the event that you glance through the thoughts entry and my visit history you’ll see a few more.

Refreshes sent off now and again before completely tried. This occasionally will cause issues with combinations we have.

Docebo interface not being important for the first bundle.

Issues with google schedule mix – particularly as to time region changes (english mid year)

Docebo has presented custom mixes with an outside stage to improve study hall the board (timetable, use, and all) what to some degree addresses difficulties. We actually need to utilize custom programming that utilizes custom reports and envision course plans the manner in which we need.

Revealing isn’t truly adaptable. It would be ideal to need to capacity to plan reports for review and appraisal information. Also, it would be good to can redo reports in view of client characterized measures that would give admittance to additional fields.

The main thing I disdain is the warning region in the framework. You don’t can duplicate messages and there are no channels to effortlessly track down warnings.

Maybe upgrading UX to be more natural or refined into its center plan components. Expansion of JS customization (huge limit to certain clients); extend more CSS capacities. Improve WYSIWYG apparatuses choices. More intuitive UX work on report building apparatuses.

It was offered to us to help our 400+ clients. We figured we would have the option to keep our clients discrete so they couldn’t see each other’s data, yet that usefulness is truly inadequate.

There are constraints to each product that you add to your business. It relies upon how you manage those impediments. Since we are still in the execution stage, we have tracked down ways of working around any impediments we have run into so far.

Proposals to others thinking about Docebo:

Be certain that this LMS accommodates your business prerequisites prior to doing a switch.

Docebo is staying put. We love the help while expecting to change a setup or tackling an issue. Take as much time as necessary and assess what you want from a LMS supplier. They are making upgrades constantly, and my client achievement individual checks in with me one time each month.

Docebo is an incredible turn-key item that likewise considers more intricate adjustable use to develop into. Their gatherings every year have helped us develop and advance our use of Docebo.

However it was a greater cost than different stages we considered (north of 20), we’ve saved that extra expense in administrator compensation because of its usability and effective organization.

In the event that you might want to consolidate your own marking, have a multifunctional LMS, than Docebo is an extraordinary choice. In the event that you want a straightforward LMS than Docebo might be an excess of item for you. In the event that you want a ton of help, than it could be smarter to go somewhere else.

Have somebody on staff that knows how to function with CSS and HTML

Engage with the Community

Doesn’t turn out perfect for more modest association LMS

Docebo has been an incredible encounter. We began utilizing a uniquely constructed stage that was significantly more costly and we were extremely reliant upon the engineer to stack the entirety of our substance and fabricate our courses as a whole. With Docebo, we can do all of this ourselves and make refreshes depending on the situation. Easy to use according to a manager viewpoint and simple to explore and use for a client.

Conclude first whether you will intensely utilize on the web as well as study hall functionalities

Get a demo and ensure that they can show that it really meets your utilization case assuming you have unique necessities. Be incredibly clear about your requirements. Try not to fully trust it on the off chance that the agents says it can follow through with something.

What issues is Docebo settling and how is that helping you?

We give preparing to our clients as our fundamental concentration, both concerning deals and administration. Just having an update to date learning framework, coming from our local LMS, gives us more clout.

We center around empowering experts to chip away at our gear actually and productively, to limit calls to our tech call focus and guarantee claims.

We likewise use web based business to offer preparation to various crowds. This helps us to recover our expenses.

Making a focal area for our preparation materials, simple to-utilize revealing, capacity to have virtual meetings and give offbeat learning through learning courses and the recorded ILT meetings.

Docebo LMS has assisted us with making pleasant e-Learnings for our individuals and host them unreservedly without a concern. On ILT front, things are perfect aside from the part that for exchanging between occasions, clients need to search for the drop down menu on top.

We can offer explicit substance to students. We can plan certificates, end obviously authentications, termination dates for clients and courses, group detailing usefulness, custom reports, and so on. Our students LOVE the point of interaction and are partaking in the growth opportunity like never before.

when client profile latent, the selected/In progress course ought to be deactivate and it shows as a component of administrator exercises. Assumption is selected course/LP/meetings ought to eliminate from the student profile once deactivate – Admins, can undoubtedly chip away at with the announcing for dynamic profiles, ILT meeting seats will be delivered programmed when profile deactivates, so shortlist can enlist into meeting.

Meeting/Event – Always it befuddle the students when they enlist into the ILTs, need more apparent clearness on meeting/occasion select page according to student point of view – Learners are curious about the LMS applications, so the visibility obviously enlistment/meeting enlistment page will assist them with checking where they are in meeting and how they can query the other meeting choices.

Docebo is permitting my learning and advancement group to make learning assets and give on-request preparing to our clients that are coordinating new client the executives frameworks in their activities.

We use Docebo to connect with our worldwide labour force in e-learning, recordings and online classes. It permits us to offer similar opportunity for growth to all of our staff no matter what their actual area and vicinity to workplaces.

The gamification module has truly permitted us to draw in students and award them with the prizes community.

Docebo assists us with working with preparing and enablement to different partners.

We wanted a spot to hold our e-learning content and track participation for our live meetings. That’s what docebo does and way more! We are utilizing different regions like gamification and making custom html boxes to give the stage our associations look and feel.

We expected to scale our LMS from a solitary group occupant to an expansive unified stage for advancing necessities. This was straight forward with Docebo and offered phenomenal onboarding support permitting us to zero in on working out our foundation in a fast and significant manner.

Docebo offers a full-support learning the executives arrangement that permits me to convey quality courses in a coordinated way. The AI and Coach on the site gives assistance to every one of my students to find the pertinent courses and projects they need promptly.

The stage is connecting with and exceptionally adjustable to some extent I haven’t found in the numerous different stages I’ve checked out. It’s a top-level stage with mid-level valuing and praiseworthy individuals supporting it. The backend design is likewise entirely adjustable with broad APIs and it handles different substance arranges well.

The help issues referenced above are as yet our principal issue with Docebo similar to the buggy idea of the stage. The advantage has really been that we have had the option to engage our clients with an expert, great preparation stage that offers multifunctionality. In the event that Docebo fixed their help issues they would work their way up to a 9 or 10.

Assisting us with making a stage that is separated across our book of business

Assisting us with keeping up with protection for our clients

Making an answer that assists us with facilitating an assortment of content.

Detailing and robotization of specific undertakings has been an or more for us. This by itself will save us a lot of worker hours attempting to do things physically as we were stuck doing previously.

Tackling the fundamental capability of conveying an opportunity for growth through courses. Benefits incorporate effectively seeing who has finished tasks.

Chipping away at MS groups Integration issue. Support extremely responsive. Docebo visit is extraordinary component as I can get straightforward inquiries or issues settled rapidly that may not require a full ticket request and might be only a client mistake.

Less work for the coaches as Docebo marks participation and conveys welcomes (less work for F&P as well)

Because of the warnings, we can consequently remind individuals to go to specific meetings – eliminating flake-outs to discretionary ILT.

Exceptionally simple to circle obligatory learning like infosec.

Docebo LMS is predominantly an outer learning stage for our end clients (modern computerization, energy the board, advanced structures, secure power and so on) and accomplices (merchants, integrators, OEMs, fashioners and colleges).

With Docebo we can offer tailor-made specialized courses in every single possible configuration (Learnings, recordings, study hall, appraisals).

Docebo makes it conceivable to furnish preparing material to different populaces with a simple to involve interface for the client.

Docebo is extremely proactive in paying attention to their client’s interests and working with an arrangements expert to go over details to make administrator life simpler and better prepared.

Conveying learning content precisely to all our affiliation individuals and sheets. Docebo has demonstrated essential for our L&D tasks. Our clients are incredibly happy with Docebo’s presentation.

Docebo has opened up a more vigorous answer for us so we can have Teams preparing occasions on the site – this considers concentrated detailing. We are additionally investigating some income creating choices in light of a portion of the lengthy functionality.

We really wanted an asset community for inward and outside preparing materials, a LMS that can adjust to our complicated information model, a LMS with high information security practices, and something that coordinates into Salesforce experience cloud.

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