ClassDojo App Review

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What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a straightforward homeroom the executives utilizing positive input and parent correspondence.

What do you like best about ClassDojo?

The extraordinary thing about this specific application was the capacity to associate with/message the guardians rapidly through message in the application! Likewise, guardians had the option to see when their understudy was compensated or censured for their conduct utilizing a point framework inside the application. At the point when understudies did well in class, the educator could pick what they were being compensated for and when understudies required redirection, the explanation was demonstrated and focuses were taken in like manner. Likewise, you could show understudy focuses on the projector so the understudies could see and try and hear when they got focuses or known about focuses being removed. It made fulfilling and giving results exceptionally intuitive! I truly accept that this application assisted my understudies with performing better in class!

ClassDojo was an incredible way for instructors to screen conduct and for understudies to follow their conduct throughout the day. It additionally permitted guardians to perceive how their kids were doing and to interface with instructors assuming that they had questions. It additionally had different devices like a randomizer and bunch producer that I utilized for examples.

Classdojo makes it simple to give admittance to guardians and understudies to your homeroom. Contacting them is simple as all messages go to their telephones and it additionally permits guardians to perceive how their kids are doing typically and scholastically. That responsibility piece is significant in ensuring understudies stay locked in.

I experience that I can perceive how my kid is sing during the day as well as speak with educators. It permits various relatives to be added to view and keep awake to date

My #1 thing is the straightforwardness of sharing week by week bulletins and photographs of my group. I fundamentally use it as a boasting board and give my top champs little rewards each Monday. I see them taking a stab at the euphoric sounds, and they attempt to allow me to discover them doing something particularly kind to other people. I likewise have the negatives accessible when required, and my involvement in fourth graders, it actually works.

ClassDojo is a diverse edtech instrument that is a conduct the board and recording device, a parent courier framework, and a homeroom flattener/Instagram all moved into one. It has such countless fundamental highlights for showing it should be known as the Swiss Army Knife of the instructor tech tool compartment.

What I love most is that it is FREE!!!

I like how classDojo makes is educator parent connection more straightforward.

I love the recordings it gives that show social and close to home abilities.

I like the point framework ClassDojo utilizes which persuades understudies.

I love the way you can utilize it on Tablets, telephones, workstations, and so forth…

I like how fun, simple and adjustable it is.

Assists me with molding positive ways of behaving, while at the same time giving results too for undesired ways of behaving.

I make everything worth cash.

I download understudy’s photos to supplant the puerile kid’s shows.

My understudies are wild about ClassDojo. I utilize the application to remunerate my understudies for being amazing. At the point when they are not on task or making the best choice, they realize that they will lose a Dojo on the off chance that they don’t right their way of behaving. I use ClassDojo to monitor understudy conduct, remunerating them with specific awards for getting explicit measures of Dojo focuses.

ClassDojo is a media portfolio stage that instructors can utilize totally liberated from cost. They can follow conduct information utilizing objective “do’s” and “don’t” that are adaptable; information is accessible for numerous time spans to see present moment and long haul progress.

Parent correspondence is simple – guardians can be added and will see when understudies add and lose focuses. “Messaging” guardians through the stage is a capacity that takes into consideration simple and casual correspondence.

ClassDojo likewise utilizes animation beasts (Mojo and companions) in recordings to show understudies social-profound abilities with pre-composed conversation questions intended for class and home

I like that you can remunerate focuses, contact families straightforwardly, and post understudy work in a flash.

It deciphers messages inside the application for my non English talking families.

Being a school curator, I love to hear when an educator utilizes ClassDojo. I realize I can grant appropriate conduct. What’s more, that not exclusively will the instructor see this, yet additionally the guardians.

My main thing about ClassDojo is that the characters are exceptionally captivating and adorable. My understudies love to choose their symbols, and it keeps them profoundly energetic. I likewise partake in that I can speak with guardians through the application.

I love the delightful way I can utilize it to contact guardians with respect to their kid’s advancement in the homeroom as well as remunerating focuses to the understudies that act well

This is an extraordinary method for advancing positive ways of behaving in my kindergarten study hall and give criticism to guardians. My class can likewise pursue prizes or compensations through it.

I love the delightful way simple and multipurpose this is in the study hall. I likewise love that the children can pick their own personality.

I partake in the numerous purposes of this product. I can present updates on families about the class I am instructing, send private messages exclusively or by gathering (where guardians see this gathering message just in their private inbox), give focuses to understudies to their endeavors, and post pictures and recordings which show what understudies have realized/experienced in class.

The way you’re ready to interface your understudies and guardians and even administrator on the off chance that you’d like so everybody is ready and every one of the partners are involved

I value the amazing chance to perceive acceptable conduct and offer with families.

Correspondence with guardians and the person training recordings! These recordings present examples about sympathy and numerous others on a youngster level. My understudies love them!

The capacity to speak with my understudies and guardians in a protected and viable way.

I thoroughly love ClassDojo, it causes me to feel coordinated somewhat more own to earth with regards to following along to reward, participation and in any event, speaking with my understudy’s folks.

Since I’ve found classdojo I’ve had the option to take roll without burning through class time, I can likewise keep record of my understudies cooperation and download the records toward the week’s end. It’s simply inconceivable!

The interpretation highlight is extremely useful.

I love the amazing way moment the messages can be gotten to by everybody on the organization site and I likewise love the wonderful way you can decipher the directives for families who communicate in various dialects.

What do you dislike about ClassDojo?

The main issue that I had with utilizing Class Dojo was that the school region ultimately let staff know that we could never again utilize it since it was not locale supported.

I don’t recall numerous drawbacks, frankly. I *think* it had a message interpreter, yet I don’t recall. (We last utilized ClassDojo quite a while back, and we’ve had a few things occur from that point forward) 😉

I wish there were a method for connecting Classdojo to my reviewing device. Along these lines, guardians can be refreshed on how their kids are doing.

Likewise, I wish there was a component that permitted us to video gathering through Classdojo. This would be perfect for parent/educator evenings, and Zoom isn’t dependable all the time.

Just negitive I have is that educators don’t use it as really as possible. I likewise could do without that you need to get a paid rendition to do focuses at home.

Golly, this is a precarious inquiry. I would need to say that I have a few guardians who feel questionable on the off chance that it is only a convo among them and myself, or on the other hand on the off chance that everybody can see it.

The main thing I hate is that individuals dislike this organization, it is really a gift to educating, and my understudies and I was unable to live without it. There isn’t anything I can grumble about with regards to ClassDojo. This organization has been receptive to the entirety of my requirements as an educator, and in the event that I at any point find something I need with ClassDojo, I email them, and they do it for me, no inquiries posed.

I have no regrettable highlight adress, aside from perhaps for the way that you can’t utilize it with grown-up students.

Not outfitted towards secondary school.

I’d lik to see better symbols.

Literally nothing! ClassDojo is important for monitoring understudy conduct as well as staying in contact with guardians. I have involved ClassDojo to monitor understudy participation also.

There’s very little I could do without. I really do wish I had the option to transfer more class photographs without a moment’s delay.

The disadvantages are that it is hard to decipher with non english speakers and for class dojo to be successful, there should be purchase in from all staff.

I wish it had a portion of the highlights of iMessage ( different preferences).

There isn’t anything I hate about ClassDojo.

Something I hate about ClassDojo is that the most common way of getting guardians to associate with the ClassDojo record can be troublesome. I frequently need to bit by bit direct my families to associating with the application.

I don’t think there is anything to detest about the application and site. I love the delightful way I can messsge guardians without giving them my numbers as well as compensating focuses

On occasion my understudies can turn out to be too centered around it and the focuses. It very well may be all consuming to some which I could do without (to the extent that the number of focuses that they’re aggregating and so on ).

The main thing I despise doesn’t have anything to do with the application however more so to do with the guardians who don’t check it out.

I have seen that occasionally the application doesn’t tell me when I get a message beyond the tranquil hours.

A more straightforward method for welcoming guardians to the site

Negative conduct following is excessively open. I don’t pick this component with Kindergarten.

I can’t get all guardians ready and sign up! A few Parents could do without to download another application to their telephones to interface with me.

There isn’t anything that I loathe about this program.

Nothing, I thoroughly love ClassDojo and I wouldn’t modify anything!

It tends to be hard for guardians who are not capable in innovation.

I loathe the notices, I wish you had the option to debilitate warnings from a specific individual rather than getting all messages from those in a similar organization.

Proposals to others thinking about ClassDojo:

Incredible for study hall correspondence

I think you need to know your folks. Before, I have made my negative dojos so that guardians couldn’t see them. I like that for explicit circumstances where they needn’t bother with to be advised about each easily overlooked detail.

I suggest ClassDojo for any teacher that would like a tomfoolery and connecting with framework for conduct the board and study hall correspondence. ClassDojo has such countless remarkable highlights and is one of the most outstanding organizations for instructors to work with in the world. ClassDojo loves its instructors and deals with their interests as a whole. You will adore it, and your understudies will cherish it too. Get it currently; it’s free!

Assuming that you are Reading this it implies destiny has directed you here, since you are here it likewise implies you diffinitely need classDojo for it’ll make your homeroom simpler to oversee and more charming for both you and your understudies, I Never lamented a day After I implémented ClassDojo into my study hall and I guarantee you that you will not all things considered.

Change your educator settings! Set calm hours so that guardians can send you messages without getting warnings at the entire hours of the evening and end of the week. Utilize the photograph and record elements to share truly extraordinary minutes in the homeroom. Exploit their help local area!

ClassDojo is really easy to set up and utilize.

It would be great if “incubating the egg” was a more direct cycle.

It’s exceptionally intuitive instrument to use as study hall the executives device and an extraordinary method for speaking with guardians!

Select your school, assuming that there’s no

Guide is really simple to become one.

What issues is ClassDojo tackling and how is that helping you?

Class Dojo permitted us to limit the time in which understudies’ folks were advised about their kid’s way of behaving and permitted the guardians to see the scope of exercises their kid participated in everyday. Likewise, it made informing guardians of recent developments and updates fast and productive.

At the point when we utilized it, Class Dojo assisted us with speaking with the groups of our understudies and gave effective fixes for homeroom the executives. Two-way family correspondence is fundamental for understudy achievement, and this made it inventive and simple.

The central concern that was settled through classdojo was keeping guardians refreshed and steady correspondence with them. This advantages me since when report cards and grades emerge, I have evidence(through Classdojo) to show that I kept guardians refreshed concerning what was occurring in class.

It likewise is motivating to the children to get focuses by doing positive things in class.

The issue with cumminication and having a focal area to add photographs and messages. It likewise utilizes a prizes framework that assists jokes with keeping focused during the week.

It has been really helpful since Covid for me to interface with guardians when we have not even had the option to meet. I’ve seen when we celebrate meeting objectives and such, it kind of awakens guardians to the way that their youngster ought to be working harder to do as such. It likewise offers festivities for youngsters whom in the past might not have been perceived a lot.

ClassDojo assists with making my conduct the board open and my correspondence open to my folks as a whole. It permits me to gather essential insights about how my understudies are acting, which times are the most hard for them, and gives me data to ship off their adults about how their youngster is doing during the day. Correspondence is the way to progress in any field, including business and training, and ClassDojo assists me with accomplishing an elevated degree of effective correspondence, all of which makes my occupation as an educator substantially more sensible.

Utilizing Classdojo generally has been a brilliant encounter. It is so natural and adaptable to use across stages, it was so natural to carry out in my homeroom and assisted me with keeping my understudies roused and centered consistently while having a great time, it likewise assisted me with staying in contact with parent which was something hard to do during the pandemic, Both understudies and guardians cherished the experience which makes it an unquestionable requirement for me to prescribe it to each educator all over the planet.

Zeroing in the class on the ways of behaving I am needing in my group, as fitting language and cohesiveness.

At the point when it comes time for meetings, you can’t contend with numbers.

ClassDojo is the application to have with understudies, everything being equal. It has assisted me settle issues with understudy conduct and I can genuinely tell that my understudies are trying sincerely and improving a direct result of it.

Gathering information is a lot simpler with ClassDojo- – it very well may be finished for adjustable objectives/target ways of behaving with the snap of a button on the PC, telephone, or tablet. Kids are keen on how they’re doing and like seeing their improvement.

It assists families with remaining associated rapidly and without any problem

I can undoubtedly speak with guardians who communicate in mandarin and I can converse with families without giving out my own telephone number.

Class conduct. I open ClassDojo and when that’s what the understudies hear “ding” they realize somebody is being compensated. They all ensure they are acting fittingly so they can procure a point too,

An issue I am tackling with ClassDojo is correspondence with families; through the application, the parent might message me and I at any point can answer, send pictures or recordings, all safely through the application. An advantage that I have acknowledged is that I can boost my understudies to procure focuses through ClassDojo by their appropriate conduct.

Showing the understudies that in the event that they accomplish something well, they can procure focuses and in class I can transform those focuses into remunerations in the study hall. Love the application

It has permitted our school to have a typical conduct the board framework set up that considers understudies responsible, empowers positive ways of behaving and empowers guardians to see how their youngster is doing too.

Conduct issues are addressed in more ways than one and children are more urged to take part in class and do he. I love that I don’t need to haul around an extra clipboard since I have the entire program here on my telephone or tablet.

As an educator, I am ready to remain associated with families and keep in great strong correspondence such that works for them, generally by informing through the application. This makes a decent strong starting point for positive way of behaving while at the same time assisting guardians with being a necessary piece of their kid’s opportunity for growth in an exceptionally mechanical existence where refreshes etc..via online are for the most part liked.

No issues; the advantages are the children adored it. It likewise permitted me to be a superior educator by dealing with uplifting feedback rather than all the negative.

Class conduct following.

For the guardians that sign up, I have fast correspondence access! I have likewise utilized the arbitrary understudy selector choice and homeroom clock during games.

Many individuals in the cutting edge world need fast and simple correspondence – messages are utilized less in regular day to day existence. This helps overcome that issue.

Association issues, keeping record and track or my understudies improvement as well as participation.

I’m ready to impart rapidly and proficiently with understudies families. It permits families to see what occurs in school.

We are taking care of the issue of correspondence during this pandemic. We will post messages for guardians and relate understudy input on here.

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